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In this community, you'll find the following:

  • How to live a natural lifestyle 
  • Herbal remedies for everyday issues 
  • The truth about how the body works, and what it needs to function properly
  • DIY tips to wellness 
  • My favorite whole food recipes 
  • How to find your own answers 

One quiet morning in the barn, I was so overwhelmed, I cried out to God for help!  I had so many questions, and so few answers...

In that moment, I clearly heard God say, "Ask and ye shall receive".  Though I knew that verse, the direction felt different than anything I'd thought of before.  Then I realized, I was to ask literally...

In pure faith, thinking maybe I'd lost my mind, I began asking...and I received answers!    

From that moment on, I questioned everything I thought I knew.  I realized along the way, it's my purpose to help other people get their answers too.  I've worked with hundreds of people to unravel the mysteries of how to achieve their optimal health and wellness.  

Now, more than 10 years later, I'm an herbalist and holistic health practitioner, homeschooling mom of 7, manager of our small dairy farm, and living my dream. 

I welcome you to join my community of truth seekers, where you can learn with us.  I spend a lot of time there, sharing what I know and answering question. 

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